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Castle Combe Race Circuit

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Wiltshire’s Castle Combe Circuit is once again offering a vast range of thrilling Racing School experience sessions throughout 2024 – the perfect way to enjoy the 1.85-mile race track in a safe and fun environment, whatever your age!

The ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, driving experiences involve everything from race to rally cars, as well as specialist driving sessions for those under 17.

Tickets are available for all types of experiences now, with various dates across the year. Please see below for more details on each experience

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Driving Experience Course

The best way to get a taste for the track! The Driving Experience Course will see you venturing out onto the 1.85-mile circuit for some seriously thrilling laps in the Ford Fiesta with the assistance of a qualified instructor.

Beginning with some sighting laps with your instructor, it’ll then be your turn to test your skills by getting behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta Zetec S. This is then followed with your instructor taking you on a fast passenger lap in the Fiesta.

The day concludes with a group debrief and certificate presentation with a prize on offer for ‘driver of the day’!

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Driving Experience Advanced

A fabulous day out and your chance to get behind the wheel of a duo of the finest sports cars around, the Driving Experience Advanced is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!

Setting off in a 221bhp Ford Focus ST2 as you familiarise yourself with the stunning 1.85-mile Castle Combe Circuit, followed with some unforgettable laps in a mid-engined, two-seater Lotus Elise!

The day concludes with a group debrief and certificate presentation with a prize on offer for ‘driver of the day’!

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Driving Experience Ultimate

Searching for a driving day out that you’ll never forget? Look no further than our Driving Experience Ultimate package!

The day will see you piloting no less than FOUR high-performance machines – a Ford Fiesta Zetec S, a single-seater Formula Ford 1600 race car, a Ford Focus ST2, and finally a Lotus Elise. With a grand total of 48.1 miles covered out on the famous Wiltshire circuit, you certainly won’t be leaving dissatisfied.

The day concludes with a group debrief and certificate presentation with a prize on offer for ‘driver of the day’!

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Lotus Driving Experience

Mid-engined. Rear-wheel drive. Two seats… The legendary Lotus Elise has long been heralded one of the finest sports cars money can buy, and now it’s your turn to drive one as part of our Lotus Driving Experience!

Beginning with some sighting laps followed by a warm-up session in a Ford Fiesta Zetec S with your instructor, it’ll soon be time to jump into the low-slung cockpit of this British sports car for the ride of your life around this famous 1.85-mile circuit.

The day concludes with a group debrief and certificate presentation with a prize on offer for ‘driver of the day’!

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Single Seater Driving Experience

Drive a real racing car on a real racing circuit… the Single Seater Driving Experience might well be the closest you ever get to driving an actual Formula 1 car!

As you sit in the small cockpit, you look out towards the start line, start to build the revs, then drop the clutch and launch down the straight, in a matter of seconds you’ll be taking the corners and barrelling along like a pro…

Develop confidence in a Ford Fiesta Zetec S hot hatch with your instructor before experiencing the full glory of an open-wheeled racer for yourself.

The day concludes with a group debrief and certificate presentation with a prize on offer for ‘driver of the day’!

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Rally Driving Experience

Mud, dust & a huge adrenaline rush! Ever wondered what a Scandanavian flick is? Or just how pro rally drivers slide their cars at seemingly impossible angles through the bends? Well, the answers are waiting for you on the Castle Combe Rally Driving Experience, based on our dedicated gravel rally course adjacent to the circuit!

Starting with some initial familiarisation laps alongside your instructor, you’ll then take the wheel for your first taste of ‘getting it sideways’! You’ll hone your skills in both front and rear wheel drive rally cars, with the clock running on your final driving laps in a ‘time trial’ competition…

The experience ends with a high speed ‘white knuckle’ passenger ride in either the BMW or Celica – strap in for the ride of your life as you won’t believe just how fast rallying can be with a pro driver at the wheel!

Assessment sheets on driving technique and ability are handed out at the end of the session at the de-brief together with a certificate.

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Passenger Rides

Prefer to let the pros do the driving? We also offer affordable passenger ride sessions in a variety of cars.

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Startline Under 17s Experiences

The first introduction to driving, ideal if you’ve never been behind a wheel before! Gain confidence in clutch control and use of foot controls to move off, stop and steer. Taking part on the actual race track, the circuit is set up to simulate real road conditions with roundabouts, lanes and stop signs.

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With so many driving experiences to choose from, why should you visit the Castle Combe Racing school? Here are our top reasons to book with us now!


  1. It’s a REAL race circuit!

Unlike other venues that provide a quick up and down of an airstrip, at Castle Combe Circuit you are able to use the Motorsport UK-accredited track in its entirety.

“I’ve done other experience days at other circuits which are by no means as much fun, or allow you to fully enjoy the experience to this level.” – Mr A Bennett


  1. NO added corners, chicanes or speed restrictions

You can drive the same configuration as experienced racing drivers do on track days.


  1. Tuition from ARDS-qualified race experienced instructors

All our instructors are members of the Association of Racing Drivers Schools and many have competed here.


  1. You’ll actually LEARN something!

Our experiences are ‘courses’ with a welcome and an introduction, briefing, technique theory, sighting laps, the driving sessions themselves and then post-drive feedback. Participants abilities are scored by the instructors and then totalled up to see who has won the coveted title of “Driver of the Day!”


  1. Over 40 Years of EXPERIENCE

In 2020, the Castle Combe Racing School celebrated its 40th anniversary. Since it first began, thousands of people have taken part and experienced the thrill of driving real race cars on a real race circuit with instruction from real race drivers – the ultimate adrenaline rush!

“Knowledgeable and passionate staff create a tremendous atmosphere and friendly paddock” – Mr P Kang


  1. Drive REAL race cars!

Our Formula Ford cars are real ‘no-frills’ racing cars and as the name suggests (Single Seater), you’re out there on your own just like the real racing drivers!


  1. Great location with easy access for anyone in the South-West

As the home of Motorsport in the South-West of the UK, Castle Combe Circuit is situated close to Junctions 17 & 18 of the M4 motorway and is clearly signposted using the brown tourist signs marked with a chequered flag. With a less than 40 minute drive from Bristol and Bath.

“Good value and location for anyone in the South West or on the South M5 corridor” – Mrs H White



– Wiltshire’s Castle Combe Circuit hosts an array of car shows, race meetings, motorcycle events and track days/driver experience days throughout each year. To find out more, please click here.


Castle Combe Circuit Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 7EY
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