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Castle Combe Race Circuit

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Gulf Race Fuels has already announced its status as Castle Combe Circuit’s ‘Official Race Fuel Provider’ and title sponsor of the CCRC Formula Ford Championship for 2024, with further exciting expansions to the partnership now unveiled.

Big Race Weekend

From April onwards, anyone can pre-order the full range of Gulf Fuels from the circuit by downloading this form and collecting it upon arrival – saving customers all the time and effort of collecting and transporting fuel for to an event at Castle Combe Circuit. This includes:


Racing 102
Unleaded, oxygenated fuel that has a high-octane level, providing you with that sought-after competitive advantage against others using standard unleaded fuels.

Performance Plus

Arguably the most versatile fuel on the market. Its highly oxygenated formula produces extreme power increases for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines.


Ethanol-free, low emission, unleaded formulae suitable for retro-petrol engines. Its long shelf life means it can last up to three years, and makes it suitable for heavy-duty classic engines, carburettors and injection engines. 


Race fuel designed specifically to satisfy the demands of international rallying. The unique fuel formula has been proven to provide power increases in both naturally aspirated and turbo changed engines.

Rally Evo 2

Specially designed to stand up to some of the most demanding conditions that international rally has to offer. Our uniquely formulated fuel helps to provide increases in power and performance for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines.

The all-new Gulf 99 Octane fuel is also available for those that want a high-performing fuel at a lower cost.


Alongside this, Gulf Race Fuels has confirmed an extension of its 2024 partnership in the form of title sponsorship of Castle Combe Racing Club’s popular GT Championship. The sponsorship of the GT Championship means that Gulf Race Fuels can support drivers and teams with its Racing 102 fuel product, as well as its 99RON fuel within the CCRC Formula Ford Championship.

Grand Finale

The company will also be present at the entire calendar of 2024 race events held at Castle Combe Circuit in the form of a paddock-based trade stand where the firm’s team will offer support and discuss its products and services with all race drivers, race teams, and spectators.

– To find out more about Gulf Race Fuels, please click here.

– Wiltshire’s Castle Combe Circuit hosts an array of car shows, race meetings, motorcycle events and track days/driver experience days throughout each year. To find out more, please click here.


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