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Castle Combe Race Circuit

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Castle Combe Circuit is currently in the middle of an extensive regeneration programme, which sees services and facilities within the Wiltshire venue brought up to more clean, efficient and satisfying standards.

One of the most important areas of this project focuses on sustainability. The Castle Combe Circuit team recognises the important role it must play in tackling climate change for the long-term sustainability of our planet and the motorsport that happens across it. Everything we do considers our environmental impact and how we can reduce it.

There are a number of actions the circuit has already taken to help build towards a more sustainable future in motorsport and there is plenty more we still have planned to do. The following list helps to summarise accomplishments we’ve already achieved and plans for the coming years.

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Solar Farm

Anyone that has been at the circuit in recent years will undoubtably have seen the large solar farm situation in the infield, however you might not know the full extent of the power it generates.

The full site has a capacity of 15.3mw. This produces enough energy to power an estimated 4,100 homes while saving an estimated 3,600 tonnes of carbon annually (based on an annual consumption of 3,600kWh per home).

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Zero to Landfill

The circuit has been working with waste disposal partner MJ Church to ensure that all waste at the circuit is ‘zero to landfill’.

This involves sorting waste at the circuit and at MJ Church facilities, so reusable materials are recycled and all other waste is turned into energy. Find out more about MJ Church’s waste solutions and environmental policies here: Waste Solutions / Environmental.


Electronic Tickets

For all the circuit’s 2024 events, electronic tickets have become the venue’s primary method of managing customer admission. As of June 1 2024, the circuit has already issued 9325 e-tickets, saving on a massive amount of printing and postage and their associated environmental impacts.

Check out our remaining events for the year by clicking here.

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EVs on Track

Castle Combe Circuit is fully supportive of electric vehicles and their environmental benefits. The circuit has implemented a number of initiatives to support EVs on track:

  • Circuit Use: EVs are welcome on any circuit-organised Car Track Day and the circuit is available for hire for private EV days
  • Charging Point: an EV charge point has recently been installed in the Strawford Centre garage to allow track users to charge their vehicles without having to leave the circuit
  • McMurtry Partnership: the circuit has a partnership with McMurtry Automotive with the sports car manufacturer using Castle Combe as a test facility to help push forward its development of high-performance electric vehicles



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