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Founded in 1950, Castle Combe Circuit now offers a packed calendar of non-stop white-knuckle action across two and four-wheeled machines, as well as a variety of non-motoring based events.

The on-track activities can be viewed from around the entire circuit in a setting of stunning scenery that is of easy access to anyone in the South West and beyond.



Car and motorcycle race meetings offer back-to-back racing action from start to finish, as drivers and riders from various home and guest series battle it out for the top spot. Whilst event days showcase some of the most exotic and exciting vehicles with displays in the paddock and around the track, including stunt demonstrations, vehicle exhibitions, and drifting.



Castle Combe Circuit offers motorcycle and car trackdays that are open to anyone with a driving license and a vehicle that is to MOT standards and meets the circuit noise restrictions.

This is a chance to experience speeds and cornering that is simply not possible on public roads in a safe and controlled manner, with the opportunity to ride or drive without restrictions on speed but within personal limits and the track regulations.


Castle Combe Circuit offers opportunities for private hire of the track throughout the season if individuals or a club would like to arrange their own event here.



A fleet of circuit and rally course-based experience days give customers the chance to take the wheel and hone their skills in a wide range of impressive machinery, all with the support of a professional instructor.

The outdoor kart circuit has fast challenging corners and with 200cc karts averaging speeds of up to 30mph making it a serious step up from indoor karting.

Skid pan courses offer a realistic and effective process of learning skid control techniques and the ideal safe environment to test your handling skills.



It’s not just about motoring here at Castle Combe Circuit: we also offer a range of other events and services including cycling, live music, car boot sales, corporate events and much more.



Castle Combe Circuit is starting an exciting period over the next few years with big developments and improvements across the venue alongside a full rebranding of the Castle Combe brand.

This work has already begun with signage going up around the circuit displaying the new branding, a new retail shop being opened with a large range of high-quality merchandise again showcasing the new brand, and on-site development works being started including plans for a new entrance, a diverse new array of food stalls, a redesigned and busier trader area and safer traffic/pedestrian flow around the entire site.

This is just the beginning of an exciting future for Castle Combe Circuit as we focus on modernising and improving what the circuit has to offer to propel it to become one of the most modern and cutting-edge motorsport venues in the country.



When you visit the circuit, it’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes and bring a camping chair. The viewing banks provide a close-up experience of the track action, but there are no designated stalls or chairs around the circuit.

While we make efforts to maintain suitable ground conditions, be aware that there might be uneven terrain, and the campsites, general parking, and display areas are typically grassy at most events.

Permanent roadways exist within the site, along with ample hard standing and tarmac areas where you can access the race paddock, catering, and trade sections. Keep in mind that weather conditions can significantly affect mobility on the site, so factor this in when deciding what equipment to bring. Please note that event layouts may vary.



There are no cash machines available on site, however the circuit office and many of the vendors will accept card payments.



Castle Combe Circuit adheres to rigorous noise management protocols as dictated by local planning constraints. These limits are event-specific, and additional details can be found in the ‘Common Questions’ section for each respective event.



Merlin Motorsport is located in the paddock, the shop sells performance parts for racing.

Merlin Motor


Media Accreditation – Please contact for a form and other enquiries.



With the exception of assistance dogs, no animals are admitted on days when the race circuit is in use. May we ask that, where possible, all Assistance dogs have formal identification in the form of a white harness. Organisation specific branded dog jackets, lead slips or ID tags on the dog’s collar.
Assistance dog users should be able to provide a yellow ADUK branded ID book. For more information, please visit



As part of our commitment to make Castle Combe Circuit accessible to all, for our promoted events we may provide those disabled ticket holders who require full-time assistance with one free ticket for a partner, accompanying friend or personal assistant (PA).

To qualify for a complimentary PA ticket, you will need to bring with you on the day a copy of the following:

• Your name
• The name of your carer
• Contact telephone
• Address
• And one of the following:
• A copy of your most recent Personal Independence Payment letter for care or mobility
• A receipt of your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) showing your current entitlement
• A copy of your Attendance Allowance
• NB: Children (aged 17 and under) with a disability must be accompanied by an adult paying the total retail rate as with all child tickets for the venue.



While we strive to maintain favorable ground conditions, please be mindful that uneven terrain may exist, especially in grassy campsites and general parking areas during most events. Permanent roadways and extensive hard standing/tarmac areas are available for accessing the race paddock, catering, and trade sections.
Weather conditions can significantly impact mobility, so consider this when deciding on the equipment to bring. Please note that event layouts may vary.



For visitors facing challenges with walking longer distances, bringing fold-up chairs or suitable alternatives is advisable. Stewards and the medical team will be available to assist as needed.



A dedicated Disabled Car Park on tarmac is available for eligible Blue Badge holders, along with an additional public car park near the circuit. While operational for most events, these parking areas may be relocated based on the specific site layout for certain events. Stewards will guide disabled visitors upon arrival to the designated parking areas. Displaying a blue badge is mandatory for eligibility, and parking in these designated areas will be on a first-come, first-served basis.



Monday: 9:00am – 17:30pm
Tuesday: 9:00am – 17:30pm
Wednesday: 9:00am – 17:30pm
Thursday: 9:00am – 17:30pm
Friday: 9:00am – 17:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED


Castle Combe Circuit Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 7EY
+ (44) 01249 479438

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