ARDS & Personal Tuition

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To book an ARDS course, please contact the circuit office on 01249 782417

2019 Dates: Friday 22nd February, Thursday 16th May, Thursday 27th June, Thursday 15th August

Full Course: £320 

Written ARDS: £50


About the ARDS Test:

You can take the course right here at Castle Combe Circuit. You must follow a set procedure to secure your license as outlined by the MSA:

1. Apply to the MSA for your GO RACING starter pack which includes:

 - Licence application form
 - Go Racing Video
 - MSA Yearbook
 - Starting Motorsport Handbook
 - Association of Racing Drivers Schools leaflet

MSA Go Racing Pack


2. Have a racing medical examination with your doctor and ensure that the form is signed and returned to you - some Doctors charge for this. 

3. Contact us on 01249 782417 to book your course. 

Remember to bring along your ‘Application for Novice Competition Licence’ form (complete with the medical section filled out) because the examiner has to both sign and stamp it upon your successful completion of the test. If you don’t get a medical, forget the form or you fail the test you cannot go racing.

Your day will start with a detailed briefing, this outlines the do’s and don’ts of racing, safety procedures and a detailed explanation of the racing line.

It’s worth completing a detailed racing course prior to your ARDS day because if you spin during the 20 minute ARDS driving test you could fail, similarly if you manage to get a certain number of questions in the written test wrong then you won’t be collecting a licence from MSA either. Before you commence your practical driving session, it’s time to watch the MSA’s Go Racing video – it might be the umpteenth time you’ve seen it but it acts as useful revision for later. Video over, you are then allocated an instructor who will ride with you during your assessment laps.

Although you receive tuition to help on your course, the main purpose is to test suitability to hold a competition licence. If you feel as though you would benefit from additional track time and tuition, we do offer Personal Tuition which caters for this. 


Personal Tuition:

School Car 1/2 hour: £130

Own Car 1 hour: £180

Call the office on 01249 782417 to book


Once you have successfully completed the ARDS course, you must send all of the relevant paperwork back to the MSA to be validated: 

MSA Motorsport House

Riverside Park




T: 01753 681736


Please Note: ARDS Courses run on selected dates throughout the year and operate from Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire. Drivers must hold a full driving licence. Arms and legs must be covered at all times. 

Spectators are welcome - free of charge. 


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