How to create a new Simple product

How to create a new Simple product

  1. Under Products > All Products click on Add New
  2. Enter the name of the product and the product description
  3. Under Product Image select ‘Set Product Image’. This is for the main product image. In here either select an already uploaded image or click on ‘Upload Files’ in top left and upload an image from your computer:


  1. Do the same for the related product images under Product Gallery:
  2. Under Product Categories, tick the category the product is in (i.e. Hats & Caps):
  3. Copy the Product Description from step.2 and paste in Product Short Description


  1. Under Product Data, select General and enter the product price:


  1. Under Inventory, enter the SKU (this is a number you make up as it used by WooCommerce to identify a product). Then click Stock Management and enter the product stock quantity:
  2. Now go up to Publish and click on Update. This then publishes the new product on the website. You should now see this on the website as the first listed product under SHOP:



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