Motorcycle Skills & Track Academy - Level 4

The Skills and Track Academy is a level based approach. From beginner to advanced rider/advanced track day rider/racer. We can tailor your training to either a road based or a track based focus.  Our approach allows us to offer bespoke training. 



  • Learn how improved vision can buy you time
  • Understand how vision affects your interpretation
  • Understand how vision can aid your speed of processing information
  • Understand how vision and body position are closely linked


  • Understand the stages of braking
  • Optimise your trail braking
  • Understand how to brake harder and shorter under control
  • Learn how to reduce neutral zones on corner entry and exit.
  • Tyre dynamics in braking
  • Understand how suspension set up can affect braking


  • Optimise use of reference points
  • Understand the effect different track position has on cornering and exits
  • Increase confidence with later braking and trail braking to the apex
  • Application of gearing – optimise gear changes both up and down the gear box
  • Understand how to maximise stability mid corner
  • Understand the importance of throttle control mid corner
  • Understand tyre grip and the factors affecting it
  • Understand the importance of vision on corner exit
  • Understand the elements that effect speed of turn and corner speed
  • Understand how to reduce neutral phases when cornering
  • Optimise body position to aid machine stability and tyre grip
  • Understand how suspension setting can optimise motorcycle stability mid corner

Body position/anchoring

  • Understand how body position effects machine handling and dynamics
  • Optimise the use of anchor points
  • Optimise movement on the machine to maximise corner speed and grip 
  • Optimise the ergonomic set up of your machine