Motorcycle Skills School




The partnership between Mercury Motorcycle Training and Castle Combe Circuit continues to offer motorcycle rider development opportunities. 



2022 DATES:

Wednesday 8th June 

Wednesday 3rd August

Wednesday 14th September


For further information or any enquiries contact Mercury Motorcycle Training on 07444 586001

Do you want to enhance your skills and take your riding to the next level? 

Participants of the Motorcycle Skills School Day will experience the capabilities of their machines as well as themselves in a safe, controlled and traffic free environment on the circuit. It will merge the skills learned on the circuit with the skills needed to be a safer and more competent rider.

The day will begin with registration, noise testing and a full mandatory safety brief.

The remainder of the day will be circuit sessions preceded by a short theory lesson delivered by a qualified Drive and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or track instructor. Your time on the circuit will be used to put the theory into practice which will be under the watchful eye of your instructor. Topics covered in the theory sessions will include:

  • Vision - "Look where you are going - and a little more!"


  • Machine dynamics - "Some simple principles of physics"


  • Braking - "How hard can you really brake?"


  • Steering - "Your hands follow your eyes"


  • Throttle control - "Power is in the hand of the beholder!"


  • Body position/anchoring - "We sit "in" our machines not "on" them - discuss!"
By the end of the day it is hoped that you will have met some, if not all, of your pre-set training objectives and taken your skill to another level.



  • £190 per person
  • Your motorcycle must be 250cc or over
  • Full day from 07:30 - 17:30 with 1-hour lunch break
  • Circuit noise compliant - 105 Db at 75% rev range
  • Compulsory and detailed group safety briefing
  • You must hold a full A class or A2 motorcycle licence
  • Allocation to group by experience
  • No lap timing
  • Low number of rider: instructor ratio
  • No helmet or body cameras - bike mounted cameras are acceptable
  • Theory session followed by 20 minute circuit sessions with instructor input
  • Helmet must be British Motorsport compliant (gold sticker)
  • And/or ECE 22.05 compliant
  • Certificates on completion
  • Clothing must be:
  1. Leathers - one piece or "zip together" two-piece
  2. Textiles suits are NOT ALLOWED