The partnership between Mercury Motorcycle Training and Castle Combe Circuit continues to offer motorcycle rider development opportunities.

The Skills & Track Academy is a concept building on the very popular and successful Mercury Skills School. It is a Level Based Academy from beginner to advanced rider/advanced track day rider/racer. We can tailor your training to either a road based or a track based focus.  Our approach allows us to offer bespoke training. Client to instructor ratio is deliberately kept low to ensure this is achieved.

All training is client based with you setting your own road or track objectives.

For further information or any enquiries contact Mercury Motorcycle Training on 07444 586001

Motorcycle Skills & Track Academy

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Level 1  – £225 | Level 2  – £225 | Level 3  – £299


Tue 23 April 2024 | Tue 11 June 2024 | Wed 7 Aug 2024


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Choose your level from the criteria below, if you are unsure please call us on 07444 586001 and we will gladly advise you.


You should have one or more of the following criteria:

New Riders – recently passed their Full (A2/A class) licence

New to Track Rider – you have never done a track day

Back to Biking Rider – you have had a break of more than 5 years from riding and you have recently returned to riding

Please click here for more details on Level 1



You should have one or more of the following criteria:

Novice Track Rider – you have completed 1 or 2 track days in the last year

Previous Mercury Skills School experience – you have completed one Mercury Skills School day

Please click here for more details on Level 2



You should have one or more of the following criteria:

Intermediate/Advanced Track Rider – you have completed 3-5 track days in the last year

Previous Mercury Skills School experience – you have completed 2 or more Mercury Skills School days

Please click here for more details on Level 3





  • Full day from 07:30 – 17:30 with 1-hour lunch break
  • Your motorcycle must be 250cc or over. Cruiser-style style bikes are not suitable.
  • Compulsory and detailed group safety briefing
  • Circuit noise compliant – 105 Db at 75% rev range
  • Low client to instructor ratio
  • You must hold a full A or A2 Class motorcycle licence
  • Theory sessions followed by 20 minute circuit sessions with coaching from your instructor
  • No lap timing/no additional riders
  • Certificates on completion
  • No helmet or body cameras – bike mounted cameras are acceptable


Level 1 – £225  |  Level 1 – £225  |  Level 3  – £299

  • Clothing must be leathers – one piece or “zip together” two piece – No textile suits permitted

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The day will be circuit sessions preceded by a short theory lesson delivered by a qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or track instructor. 

Your time on circuit will be used to put theory into practice under the watchful eye of your instructor. Topics covered in the theory sessions will include:

  • Vision – understanding how to use reference points, peripheral vision, focus and attention in corners. How does speed affect our vision? This factor can have one of the largest effects on our riding.
  • Machine dynamics – learn how to harness centrifugal force, understand tyre grip trade off and experience weight transfer under braking and acceleration.
  • Braking – experience the full effect of your brakes.
  • Steering – cover the four phases of the “perfect corner” and attempt to replicate it on circuit.
  • Throttle control – learn how throttle control is an aid to machine stability.
  • Body position/anchoring – understand the key anchor points on your machine, how the use of these and your body position can make you a more efficient rider.
  • The racing line – understand the different racing lines that can be taken.
  • Suspension set up – grasp the basics of suspension set up and how this can be optimised.
  • Tyres – learn more about tyre choice and what affects their performance.


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