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Motorcycle Skills & Track Academy – Level 3

The Skills and Track Academy is a level based approach. From beginner to advanced rider/advanced track day rider/racer. We can tailor your training to either a road based or a track based focus.  Our approach allows us to offer bespoke training.





  • Learn how to link reference points
  • Understand where your focus should be
  • Understand how speed affects your vision


  • Understand the stages of braking
  • Trail braking
  • Gain a basic understanding of neutral zones.
  • Basic introduction to tyre dynamics in braking


  • Identifying reference points/limit point
  • Understand the effect different road/track position has on cornering
  • Increase confidence with later braking and trail braking to the apex
  • Application of gearing – understanding relationship between engine speed and road speed
  • Optimise counter steering skill
  • Understand how to maximise stability mid corner
  • Understand the importance of throttle control mid corner
  • Understand tyre grip and the factors affecting it
  • Understand the importance of vision on corner exit
  • Optimise body positioning mid corner
  • Understand the elements that effect speed of turn and corner speed
  • The racing line – understand the different racing lines that can be taken.

Body position/anchoring

  • Understand how body position effects machine handling and dynamics
  • Understand anchor points and how head position affects body position
  • Understand how to move on the machine to optimise corner speed and grip

Machine Set Up

  • Suspension set-up – grasp the basics of suspension set up and how this can be optimised.
  • Tyres– learn more about tyre choice and what affects their performance.


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