Gary (L) and Adam (R)

During this unprecedented period of uncertainty in the UK and beyond, the Castle Combe Circuit team is livening things up for motorsport fans with ‘Combe TV’ – a Facebook Live show that airs every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm.

Hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Tom Davis, and the circuit’s leading commentator, Chris Dawes, Combe TV invites special guests along as the hosts discuss all things Castle Combe and motorsport.

We can now reveal that the special guests joining the show airing on Sunday, 12 April are legendary racing brothers, Adam and Gary Prebble.


The ‘Prebble’ name is folklore for anyone with even a vague interest in racing at Castle Combe Circuit. Both Adam and Gary are veterans in the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship – a series they continue to race in to this day.

Known for their staggeringly quick pace, it’s feats like Adam taking the 2019 lap record and Gary holding the title of ‘most wins ever’ at the venue that help to paint a picture of just how special these drivers really are.

Adam started racing at Castle Combe back in 2011, in his brother’s old Rover Tomcat that he very nearly won that year’s championship in, before getting knocked off towards the end of the season and sadly writing the car off.

Since then, though, he’s claimed countless wins over the years, mainly in his formidable Vauxhall Astra which he is set to continue racing with throughout 2020.

Gary’s motorsport career began in 1991, with his first race and first ever time on track being at Castle Combe where he competed in a space-framed Hillman Imp. 

The Imp was eventually replaced with the aforementioned Rover Tomcat that served him well until the emergence of four-wheel drive machines in the early 2000s, spurring Gary on to purchase Rob Ballard’s old 680bhp Mitsubishi Evo. This allowed him to continue lapping up race wins until this type of car was banned from the series, forcing him into the GT categories.

Winning the GT Championship in his faithful Mitsubishi, Gary was lured back to the packed grids of the Saloons, soon resulting in him testing Rob Ballard’s SEAT Leon for a few races. With more poles and wins earned, Gary eventually purchased the car from Ballard, which he still uses to rack up countless podium finishes in.

It’s worth noting that Adam and Gary’s father, Brian, was also a well-known name at Castle Combe in his day, piloting Hartwell Imps in the ‘70s and securing very successful results himself.


To watch the chat with Adam and Gary live, head over to Castle Combe Circuit’s Facebook page at 7pm on Sunday, 12 April (you don't need a Facebook account to view).

You can also use the above link to watch-back all previous episodes of Combe TV.


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