This year’s Autumn Classic historic race meeting will mark the 60th anniversary of the 1959 Le Mans victory for Aston Martin and Avon Tyres with a fabulous display of cars.

Giving a spectacular headline to the very special Aston Martin at Le Mans theme to this display are two hugely significant cars from the story. Though strikingly different, both will be real head turners…

Aston Martin DBR1/4

Topping the display will be the beautiful DBR1/4, the car that finished second at Le Mans in 1959 when driven by Maurice Trintignant and Paul Frere. Powered by Aston Martin’s straight six-cylinder three-litre engine, the tubular spaceframe chassis is clothed in a sleek body and this open cockpit two-seater sports-racer epitomises everything that was exciting about racing sports cars of the late 1950s.

Nimrod NRA/C2 (Chassis Number 005)

This Group C project that started in 1982 with Le Mans as its target. Sadly, the Nimrod project folded in 1984 when both cars were badly damaged in one fiery accident at Le Mans. On display today will be one of the surviving cars from the five originally built, kindly provided by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

The cars were built by Nimrod Racing Automobiles which was backed at the time by the then new Aston Martin Chairman, Victor Gauntlet. The chassis and suspension was provided by Lola Cars with bodywork created by Robin Hamilton. The 5340cc V8 Aston Martin engine was developed specifically for the programme by Aston Martin Tickford.

As well as these two incredibly beautiful and valuable machines will be an array of equally-as-rare Aston Martins, courtesy of the Aston Martin Owners’ Club. Don’t miss these cars and more in the main paddock area during the day itself.

Aston Martin and Avon Tyres at Le Mans


- Castle Combe’s Autumn Classic historic race meeting descends on the Wiltshire venue on Saturday, 5 October

- First run in 2012, it’s now firmly established as a must-do date on the classic racing calendar and consistently delivers glorious racing from grids full of cars of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
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