Two-time World Rally Champion Miki Biasion will return to Rallyday on September 21 (thanks to Rally Replay), looking to finish a conversation he started with Jimmy McRae 12 months ago.

Biasion made his debut at the Castle Combe event last year and was an immediate hit with the crowd. He demonstrated some of Lancia’s finest machinery – including the class of Delta in which he won the 1988 and 1989 world titles – and then regaled fans with tales from one of the most iconic periods of rallying history.

For Biasion, one thing was missing – the chance to catch up with Jimmy McRae.

McRae was only present at Rallyday briefly, due to other commitments,  but this time around the pair will have plenty of time to chat. Especially when they’re on stage and in a specially convened forum, letting onlookers into the secrets of their success.

“Honestly, I really had a good time at Rallyday last year,” said Biasion. “When the chance came to come back to this event again this time, I said yes straight away. It’s really nice to drive these amazing cars and to meet so many old friends from my time in the sport.

“I saw Jimmy so quick last time, I wanted to stay to chat, but then he had to go. We have a lot to talk about; this is what these kind of events is all about.

“Last year, you know, we had some rain in Rallyday, but I don’t mind for this. For me, it’s not the same to drive in the country for RAC without some of the rain. But maybe this year it will be nice for the spectators to have the sunshine coming back.” 

Biasion is lined up to drive a range of cars throughout the day and will feature at the heart of the all-new Rally Legends stage – a specially designed test which includes sections of Castle Combe’s last World Rally Championship stage, when the RAC Rally visited in 1983. 

“I was competing in the World Rally Championship in 1983,” said Biasion, “but only a little bit. I did only Sanremo Rally in Lancia’s 037. I do like this season though, this was the year I won the European Rally Championship.”

Biasion’s the latest in a growing list of legends to confirm attendance at Rallyday in September, with Jimmy and Alister McRae already on the list. Ireland’s World Rally Championship star Craig Breen makes his debut at Castle Combe and will be among the fan’s favourites as he brings his stunning MG Metro 6R4 with him.

Interestingly, Miki’s asked for another ticket for Rallyday. Who’s it for?

“He’s a famous guy,” said the Italian. “A very famous guy. I can’t tell you now who he is, but he is the guy I competed against in the WRC. Sometimes I beat him, sometimes he beat me – he’s coming to Rallyday for the first time.”

Rallyday organiser Tom Davis is delighted with the evolving line-up and the mystery.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it?” said Davis. “I have a good idea who Miki’s talking about but I’m not about to tell you – maybe we’ll give a pair of tickets to the first person to guess the right guy.

“But seriously, this is shaping up into an epic day. Having Miki back’s just fantastic, who wouldn’t want to see a Lancia factory driver who won two World Rally Championship titles back at Castle Combe in September.

“Not sure what he was talking about with the weather though… it’s definitely going to be sunny, I can’t remember back-to-back damp Rallydays!”

- Tickets for Rallyday on Saturday September 21, Europe’s premier one-day rally show, are already available. Go to for advance tickets priced at £18 per adult (£25 on the gate). Under-17s, accompanied by an adult, get in for free.

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