Castle Combe Circuit has restarted its much-loved Driving Experiences at the 1.85-mile Wiltshire circuit.

Take control of some of the world’s most-loved sports car models with this wide range of courses, that all feature comprehensive training and instruction from a fully-qualified instructor to ensure you get the most out of your white-knuckle experience.

Our first date is Saturday, 22nd August, running the following experiences; Driving Experience Course, Lotus Driving Experience, Driving Experience Advanced, & Driving Experience Ultimate. 

* Our Single Seater Driving Experience is currently sold out on the 22nd August. 

Our full range of driving experience courses are explained below!

- Driving Experience Course

The best way to get a taste for the track! Our Driving Experience Course will see you venturing out onto the 1.85-mile circuit for some seriously thrilling laps in a duo of our Ford hot hatches with the assistance of a qualified instructor.

Beginning with some sighting laps with your instructor, it’ll then be your turn to test your skills by getting behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta Zetec S and then a passenger ride in the 221bhp Ford Focus ST2.

PRICE: £110

Date available: Saturday 22nd August, Tuesday 15th September, & Friday 2nd October.


- Lotus Driving Experience

Mid-engined. Rear-wheel drive. Two seats… The legendary Lotus Elise has long been heralded one of the finest sports cars money can buy, and now it’s your turn to drive one as part of our Lotus Driving Experience!

Beginning with some sighting laps followed by a warm-up session in a Ford Fiesta Zetec S with your instructor, it’ll soon be time to jump into the low-slung cockpit of this British sports car for the ride of your life around this famous 1.85-mile circuit.

PRICE: £199

Date available: Saturday 22nd August, Friday 2nd October, & 29th December.

- Single Seater Driving Experience

Drive a real racing car on a real racing circuit… the Single Seater Driving Experience might well be the closest you ever get to driving an actual Formula 1 car!

As you sit in the small cockpit, you look out towards the start line, start to build the revs, then drop the clutch and launch down the straight, in a matter of seconds you'll be taking the corners and barrelling along like a pro…

Develop confidence in a Ford Fiesta Zetec S hot hatch with your instructor before experiencing the full glory of an open-wheeled racer for yourself.

PRICE: £149-£185

Dates available: Tuesday 15th September, Friday 2nd October, Friday 20th November, & Tuesday 29th December.

- Driving Experience Advanced 

A chance to get out in array of race ready vehicles on a real race track, this experience offers an extra lap in the Lotus Elise, as well driving the Ford Focus ST2 instead of the Ford Fiesta.

Setting off in a 221bhp Ford Focus ST2 as you familiarise yourself with the stunning 1.85-mile Castle Combe Circuit, followed with some unforgettable laps in a mid-engined, two-seater Lotus Elise!

PRICE: £255

Dates available: Saturday 22nd August, Tuesday 15th September & Friday 20th November.


- Driving Experience Ultimate 

The longest experience most fulfilling trip for a true motor enthusiast, lasting around 4.5 to 5 hours with a total of 19 Driving Laps in total. 

On this experience you get to experience the full range of race ready vehicles; starting with 4 Driving Analysis Laps in Ford Fiesta, followed by 6 Laps in the Formula Ford 1600 Single Seater Racing Car, then 4 Laps in the Ford Focus ST2 and finishing with 5 Laps in the Lotus Elise.

A full day out where you will have a great experience of the real race track under excellent tuition, you might want to get a Race Licence after this!

PRICE: £355

Dates available: Saturday 22nd August, & Friday 20th November.


Click here to view and book the above courses. You can also use this link to find out about future dates and the other Driving Experience we offer.

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