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Castle Combe Unveils Memorial Bench At Iconic Camp Corner

One of the most heartwarming aspects associated with motor racing in the UK is the amount of passion and loyalty it inspires, and this most certainly rings true of Castle Combe. The circuit has been in operation for decades now, long enough for it to have amassed a significant following of deeply knowledgeable petrolheads, many of them simply unable to imagine a summer weekend without a visit to Camp or Quarry! So strong is this devotion that Castle Combe has opted to install a memorial bench, one with space for various plaques commemorating the names and memories of departed loved ones and motorsport aficionados.

Castle Combe's decision to unveil a memorial bench follows a number of requests from the track's extended community, many of whom wish to celebrate the memories of their loved ones in a suitably high octane manner.

The location of the newly unveiled bench was chosen for its picturesque views and proximity to the action. Camp, the last corner of the circuit and one characterised by its high speed and willingness to reward those drivers that commit, also sports one of Castle Combe's largest and most popular viewing embankments, ensuring a strong turnout of fans at each and every race meeting.


The newly unveiled bench has already proved hugely popular, with the first plaque already selected and applied by David Millett and his family as a fitting tribute to the former's son, Adam. 'Team Millett' more than proved the bench's suitability as both a touching memorial and superb viewing spot by making full use of it at Spring Action Day.  

Those wishing to add a loved one to the Camp Corner bench should purchase a 100mm x 24mm brass plaque and send it into the circuit for installation. 

Image provided pictures Adam Millett on track at Castle Combe Circuit last September


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