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Castle Combe Updates Website To Include Innovative Live Timings Data Functionality

Always striving to find ways of bringing motor racing fans closer to the sport they love, Castle Combe has recently updated its website to include a slew of advanced functions designed to do just that. The revamped web presence has the ability to stream live timing data mid-race, effectively giving those watching the action track-side a more in depth and complete understanding of the race as it unfolds, all via their smartphone.  

Few forms of sport can claim to be as closely intertwined with technology as motor racing, so much so that the latter has a long and storied history of driving the former forward! While not perhaps in the same league as F1 grade turbochargers, KERS and active aerodynamics, the news that Castle Combe's website now includes the facility to stream live data in real time, mid-race will no doubt go down very well indeed with the motor racing community. It's an important development and one which will no doubt be appreciated by the circuit's committed band of motorsport fans, not least as it will enable them to stay abreast of every pass, every lap time and every 'off.'

The live data function can be found on the homepage of the website, just click "Live Timings". Mobile users need to click the clock icon that appears at the top of the screen to view.


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