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Charity track days at Castle Combe circuit raise over £100,000

Twenty-six fundraising track days over recent years at Castle Combe circuit have raised £102,818.

A track day is not a race or timed event, but an opportunity for drivers to take their own cars at speed on a national motor circuit under disciplined conditions, supervised by the Castle Combe marshals. These  events are arranged by Christopher Darwin and have supported various causes;  sums raised have ranged from £500 to occasionally £5000.

Local charities include Chippenham’s  St Nicholas Appeal for a Pool (£5060) and Forever Friends Appeal at Bath Hospital  (£13,700).

National charities have been mainly military; most specifically deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Combat Stress (£26,026), PTSD Resolution (£5000) and SSAFA (£3000). The RN and RM Children’s Fund (£2050) and Fly Navy Heritage Trust (£4100) have also benefitted.

Other charities include the Erasmus Darwin Foundation, which supports a museum dedicated to the grandfather of Charles Darwin (£18,315), the Scleroderma Society in memory of a friend who died of this obscure disease (£3500), BuildaSchool, Malawi (£9000) and several cancer charities.

Christopher comments, “I call these days ‘Fun with a Purpose’ and the drivers enjoy the fact that they are doing something useful. My aim is to both raise money and ensure plenty of quality track time, so numbers are limited, and most of the drivers are repeat business. We discourage lots of the usual track day cars and prefer older or more unusual vehicles.

The financial result is possible only due to the generous support of Castle Combe circuit, for which I am most grateful.”

It is intended to continue these track days, raising about £12,000 per year.




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