During this unprecedented period of uncertainty in the UK and beyond, the Castle Combe Circuit team is livening things up for motorsport fans with ‘Combe TV’ – a Facebook Live show that airs every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm.

Fronted by Sales and Marketing Director, Tom Davis, and the circuit’s leading commentator, Chris Dawes, Combe TV invites special guests along as the hosts discuss all things Castle Combe and motorsport.

For the show that’s set to air on Wednesday, 8 April, we’re turning the tables and focusing on the man behind the microphone, Chris Dawes himself, who will be asked about his fascinating motorsport commentary career at Castle Combe and beyond by Tom Davis.


Chris grew up in the local town of Yate, becoming a huge motorsport fan and regular Castle Combe spectator with his father from a young age. The only interruptions to these visits were as a result of going to Plymouth University to undertake a Business and IT degree, which then led him onto various business roles within the IT industry, and a five-year period of living in West Sussex.

Upon returning to his roots, Chris was able to start watching racing again at his favourite circuit, and in 2011 joined the Castle Combe Circuit Commentary Team – a move that has since propelled him to become one of the busiest motorsport commentators in the UK. He now works at various circuits, live web feeds and TV highlights programmes across the country and beyond.

Chris was also presented with Downforce Radio’s coveted ‘Commentator of the Year’ award for 2019, but confesses his loyalties will always lie with Castle Combe Circuit. Alongside being on the mic on race days here, he now hosts the circuit’s Racing School, Action Days, Rallyday and end-of-season awards – meaning its little surprise to learn he’s recently been justifiably dubbed the ‘voice of Combe’.

It is testimony to his love for the circuit that he still somehow found time to proudly accept an invitation to be part of the Castle Combe Racing Club’s board, with a responsibility for PR and media.

Chris has also set up his own public speaking/presentation and communication skills/media training company – Open Dawes Training Ltd – to help others maximise their potential, and open doors that they may not have even considered in the past.

This now also sees him working with individuals (sporting and commercial/public sector professionals) and small groups within organisations from every sector, to help them improve on something that is deemed as a ‘soft skill’, but, as Chris has found out first-hand, one that gives your ‘core skills’ a voice.


To watch the chat live, head over to Castle Combe Circuit’s Facebook page at 7pm on Wednesday, 8 April (you don't need a Facebook account to view).

You can also view all of the previous episodes of Combe TV by clicking here.


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