Following the news that Jimmy McRae and son Alister will both be making an appearance at Rallyday 2019 on 21 September, it’s now been confirmed that the team behind the acclaimed rally car building outfit, Prodrive, will also be making the pilgrimage – bringing with them one of Jimmy’s old competitive cars to pilot once again.

The car in question? The revered Banbury-based company’s ’86 Metro 6R4 Group B icon: the very car Jimmy drove to victory at Irish rallies of the same year. Then the first McRae to work alongside Prodrive, it forged the incredibly well-documented bond between drivers from the family and the rallying firm that would continue for many successful years to follow.

This Rothmans livery-adorned hyper-hatchback needs little introduction for any self-respecting rallying fan. Rest assured, the 6R4 bore little resemblance to the front-wheel drive city car on which it was based. Indeed, the name 6R4 is derived from its 6-cylinder, Rear engine, 4-wheel-drive setup it boasts that allowed it to reach 0-60mph in around three seconds, and onto 100mph in just eight.

Complete with its wild aero-clad shell, it’s little surprise that this 6R4 captured the imaginations of ‘80s rallying fans in a way very few other cars could dream of during its short competitive lifespan, up to its final outing at the RAC Rally of ’86 – before Group B cars were famously banned from the World Rally Championship altogether.

It’s been confirmed that Jimmy McRae will be getting behind the wheel of the Metro once more at the Castle Combe Circuit event which this year introduces the ‘Rally Legends Stage’ – where megastars from around the world of rallying wheel out some of the sport’s most special machinery and take it through a newly designed, more challenging test than before – part of which was used last time the RAC Rally visited Castle Combe in 1983.

Rallyday will once again feature plenty of stars, cars and club cars from this particularly exciting corner of motorsport when it descends on Castle Combe Circuit on 21 September. For tickets and more information, head over to www.rallyday.com



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