Europe’s biggest one-day rally show Rallyday will once again join forces with Brackley-based preparation expert BGMsport for this year’s event (20 June).

BGMsport, one of the world’s best-known historic preparation firms, will work more closely with Rallyday organisers on the Rally Legends stage element of the Castle Combe spectacular.

The Rally Legends stage was an innovation for last year, incorporating sections of road at the Wiltshire circuit not driven in anger by rally cars since the 1983 RAC Rally visited Castle Combe.

Rallyday’s Tom Davis is delighted to renew a strong partnership with Ian Gwynne’s BGMsport firm.

“Ian and BGMsport helped make last year’s event a truly memorable occasion. Can you believe Ian brought 23 vehicles with him! Those cars and services barges made for some of the finest displays we’ve seen at Rallyday and the chance to look forward to more of the same is very, very exciting.

“As well as that, Ian had a real hand in developing the Rally Legends stage for 2019. Ian really knows what’s what and who’s got what so, so well, it’s fantastic news for us to have him involved and controlling more of the content for this year’s Legends stage.”

There’s similar enthusiasm from BGMsport owner Gwynne. Ian added: “We really enjoyed last year’s Rallyday and in subsequent meetings with Tom we’ve seen some real potential for further development for June 20 this year. There’s a great community of car owners out there and between us, we’re going to create something very special for rally fans to come and see at Castle Combe.

“There will be a few tweaks to the [Rally Legends] stage itself, but not a lot. What we did last year created an amazing atmosphere around that section of what was a great day. I think we need some more cars than we had last year, so we’re working on that – we really want to create that buzz that you get as you see and hear cars lining up to start the stage. And, of course, we want to make sure the actions coming thick and fast for the fans out there on the stage itself.

“As for the cars which will be coming this year… you’re going to have to wait and see. Like Tom, we were absolutely delighted with the way last year went and the enthusiasm and appreciation we were met with by everybody at Rallyday. Trust us, we won’t let you down this year!”

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