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Startline Driving Experiences: From Race Track to Road

What better way to get your first taste of driving than at one of the most iconic circuits in the United Kingdom under the tutelage of one of the most professional driving schools in the West.

Startline Driving Experiences at Castle Combe Circuit are the perfect way to learn the basics of driving before getting behind the wheel on public roads. Operated by Julie Murphy’s driving school, four packages are available to cater to each and every new driver.

The initial package is the Startline Starter Drive priced competitively at £55 with 35 minutes driving. This is the ideal first introduction to driving a road car, and allows customers to gain all important confidence in clutch control and initial car handling techniques. With the lesson taking place on the iconic Combe track, conditions are designed to simulate that of a real road making them perfect for this first taste of road driving. A garage session introduces youngsters to elements of driving theory that are all important when it comes to gaining their full license.

Customers may then progress on to the Startline Advanced Drive costing £95 with a total of one hours driving. The extra circuit time is used to teach new drivers a wider range of important skills and introduce further elements of driving theory that are essential in competent road drivers. Additional opportunities include a taster session with beer goggles to educate young drivers on the dangers of driving under the influence.

The final progression is the Startline Advanced Plus at £115 with a total of one hour and ten minutes driving. As the final course on the programme, this gives those who are shortly to progress to on-the-road driving the opportunity to learn techniques to allow them to fly in early lessons. Current skills will be re-enforced and the key concept of ‘Mirror, Signal and Manoeuvre’ will be built into the lesson. This is a comprehensive final training point before young drivers progress on to their first lessons on the road.

Finally, if you book all three courses together, it is only £225 with the 3 Course Bundle! Fantastic value for money that gives new drivers the most complete start on their journey to becoming road license holders. All experiences can be booked via the Castle Combe Circuit website or by contacting the circuit directly. Vouchers are available for each level of driving course and make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Next Available date: Sunday 8th July


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