Suzuki Mk5 RG500 confirmed for Steve Parrish to Parade

If things couldn’t get any better, we are pleased to announce that the one and only Steve Parrish will be riding a 1980 Suzuki Mk5 RG500.

The bike boasts a square 4, disc valve, water cooled two stroke, with a self generating ignition, 4 x 34mm magnesium carburettors, a dry clutch and a 6 speed gearbox, with twin hydraulic disc brakes at the front, single vented hydraulic disc brake at the rear, both on Campagnolo wheels. It would have made around 100 – 110 bhp when new, it revs to 11,000 rpm and on the right circuit, with the right conditions and gearing, would have been capable of 175mph. It would weigh around 125kg.

The bike has also previously been ridden by Philippe Coulon and Wil Hartog more than once. Brian Reid has also ridden it in the Isle of Man 2 or 3 times on parade laps as well.

The bike will be on display throughout Sunday and Steve will taking it for parade laps in our special on track demonstrations in the lunch break.

Tickets for this weekend will be available on the gate with weekend tickets priced at adults/seniors  £35/£25. For more information, please visit