The Combe Racing Talk - Episode 2 - Review of Howard's Day podcast is now live!

The Combe Racing Talk - Episode 2 - Review of Howard's Day podcast is now live! And we are excited to announce that it has grown in terms of where and how you can listen!!!


iTunes: You can just search for "combe racing" or the link is: 

Spotify: (or just search for Combe Racing Talk to find them)

TuneIn Radio: (or search for Combe Racing Talk in TuneIn)


And hopefully coming soon will be Amazon Echo/Alexa!!! You can listen to them online, download them, save the Buzzsprout page to your mobile/tablet device home screen, subscribe to be notified of new episode etc., and share them with family/friends/sponsors. In testing on Buzzsprout is bookmarking to enable jumping to the relevant section of the show for your championship, including links to the websites of the sponsors of the championships!!

In this episode, Castle Combe Circuit's commentator Chris Dawes reviews the visiting championships that raced on Easter Monday's traditional Howard's Day (remembering the circuit saviour, Howard Strawford) season opener before looking deeper at what happened in our local championships and series. Castle Combe's Formula Ford Championship, GT Championship, Hot Hatch Series, and Saloon Car Championship dealt up entertainment that was as hot as the weather! 

Also features interviews with last year's Champions before they got in their cars to race:

Luke Cooper - 2018 Castle Combe Formula Ford Champion

llsa Cox - 2018 Caste Combe GT Champion

Adrian Slade - 2018 Castle Combe Saloon Car Champion

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