Invitation to Specialist Car Clubs...

The Castle Combe Autumn Classic is now established as a must-do event for a growing number of enthusiasts. 

Club bookings will be available online

Club Secretary's will need to register their club in the Club Secretary Zone. Once registered, they will receive a club code which members can use to book their tickets in the Club Member Zone.

Visit Club Admin Zone

Visit Club Member Zone


Alternatively, click here to use a paper booking form


'Club Avenue', 'Club Village' and 'Future Classics' are areas where those with suitable cars that fit the theme of the event can come along to enjoy the company of fellow club members and other enthusiasts, providing an added attraction for spectators with a great display of vehicles. 

Clubs can book space - subject to availability - in these areas for a minimum of 4 cars, plus if required an area for small gazebo/central meeting point where you can offer literature about the club to visitors or display and sell club merchandise, etc.  Cars displayed should be pre-1980s, or of historical interest.


Autumn Classic clubs


Individual Car Owners

If you are not part of a club, we will have dedicated heritage vehicle parking in the main public parking area. Just turn in at the Camp Corner entrance (Grey gate) and follow the signs (subject to space). A ticket is still required or can be purchased on the gate.