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Want some one-to-one training in the run-up to your Novice Drivers Training Course? Why not sit alongside one of our top ARDS instructors to build your confidence, learn the circuit and get on your way to winning!

School Car (1/2 hour): £130

Own Car (1 hour): £180

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Following-on from its recent live-streamed ‘Combe TV’ launch, Castle Combe Racing Club is pleased to confirm that is offering a package of driver performance coaching sessions as a further commitment to members. The sessions will be provided in conjunction with Hintsa Performance (renowned in particular for its coaching of many current Formula 1 drivers) and On-Pole High Performance Consultancy 

Both science and experience, demonstrate how a holistic approach to performance coaching can see drivers achieve measurable performance improvements and therefore, the Club has developed a menu-based programme of cost-effective and tailored coaching sessions that will assist drivers across the experience and budget spectrums.

The Offering

Here’s a summary of the menu of proven techniques to help improve both mind and body to create those crucial extra gains out on track, as well as in everyday life situations.

Physical Training:

  • Physical training sessions (using programmes specifically designed for motorsport), in order to improve:
  • Strength and conditioning (especially core strength)
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Mobility and general movement (utilising biomechanics to mitigate the effects of prolonged sitting, injury etc.)
  • Nutrition and hydration to assist with issues such as:
    • Diet
    • Energy production
    • Immunity
  • Sleep and recovery to assist with issues such as:
    • Prioritisation of rest and sleep
    • Energy regeneration
    • Alertness
  • General wellbeing


Mental Training:

  • Motivation, confidence and resilience to provide the platform to achieve meaningful and sustainable performance improvement
  • Balancing racing-related activities with work, social and other priorities
  • Goal setting
  • Achieving a state of ‘Flow’ (being ‘in the zone’)
  • Visualisation (before qualifying and the race to achieve the best laps you can)
  • Coping with adversity


Drivers are free to choose any single or permutation of the above menu options that will be tailored to their specific needs.

In addition, in-car coaching continues to be available via Castle Combe Racing School.

Our Partners

On-Pole is a specialist consultancy focused on developing and maintaining high performance. It blends extensive racing experience with best practice from the Military and Elite Sports to create dynamic learning, developmental and driver performance improvement environments. 

Hintsa is a world leader in human high-performance coaching and provides evidence-based, data-driven and innovative human performance services for elite level athletes and teams. It integrates specialised services and coaching through utilising Athlete Management Systems. Hintsa constantly generates research and develops innovative solutions to enhance performance whilst maintaining physiological and psychological health and wellbeing. Pete McKnight, Hintsa Coaching and Sports Science Director, comments “Hintsa-affiliated Formula 1 drivers have won the last 11 World Drivers’ Championships in succession, making a total of 15 World Championships. Over the past seven seasons, 99% of the racesand 96% of the available podium places have been won by a Hintsa-affiliated driver.”


Making Contact

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