These steps will guide you through the process to get you started as a motor racing driver, but if you have any questions just give us a call and we can talk you through it.

1 - PURCHASE  YOUR GO RACING pack which will include the following:

  • A Competition Licence application form
  • A booklet outlining the next steps towards your first Competition Licence
  • A Motorsport UK USB stick featuring the Motorsport UK Yearbook and an instructional film
  • A Motorsport UK keyring.


2 - READ UP AND WATCH THE FILM Included in your Go Racing Pack you will recieve a USB stick containing the Motorsport UK Yearbook, commonly knows as the Blue Book. This details all the regulations governing the sport to ensure safety and fair play. Please familiarise yourself with its contents; the greater your knowledge of the regulations, the more you will be able to enjoy the sport and the less likely you will be to come unstuck! Also on the USB is the Go Racing film, which is a must-watch for any new comer.


3 - CHOOSE YOUR ARDS SCHOOL AND BOOK YOUR NOVICE DRIVER TRAINING COURSE (NDTC) In order to gain your race competition licence, you need to attend a Novice Driver Training Course, which you can do here at Castle Combe Circuit. At The end of the course there will be a test which you need to pass. If you have never driven on a track before it's a good idea to do some track days first and get some training. More information on our Track Days can be found here: CAR TRACK DAYS


4 - GET A VISION TEST OR MEDICAL REPORT If you are aged 14 to 59, you will need to have a vision test before applying for your licence, which is easily available from an optician. If you are aged 60 and above, a doctor's medical report (including vision test) is required. Bear in mind that you're application for competition licence must be completed within three months of your vision test or medical. 


5 - COMPLETE AND RETURN THE LICENCE APPLICATION FORM An application form for a novice competition licence is provided with the Go Racing Pack. Fill in all the relevant sections, ensuring that an optician has completed section 4A, or if appropriate, a doctor has completed sections 4A and 4B. Once completed, post the form back to the Motorsport UK Membership Services Team in the envelop provided.


6 - GET YOUR LICENCE Once you hold a Motorsport UK competition licence, you are eligible to compete in relevant Inter Club level events or championships of your choice. As you gain experience, you can acquire upgrade signatures that will allow you to take out a Race National licence, making you eligible for more events and championships.