Car Boot Guide

Car Boot Sales


1. Try to come with a friend, not on your own

2. Try not to sell to anyone before 8.00am as this will help us to stop harassment you get and will also help to get the best price possible

3. Bring lots of change & avoid £20 notes unless you are absolutely sure

4. Keep your money in a safe place and NOT on your table

5. Always set up your tables first, remove items from your vehicle and close your boot/doors

6. Take out one box/item at a time. Don’t be rushed by anyone! Never leave your stall unattended. If asked for the price on an item still inside your car, just say “it will be unpacked later”

7. If you have not priced your items, think of the price you want and add a bit. Do not accept any less at this time, the bulk of the public will arrive later so you have plenty of time to get the full asking price

8. Hold any jewellery back at this point. Display this last (when the crowd has dispersed) at the back of other items where you can keep an eye on it. Better still, bring a display box of some kind, old chocolate boxes are good for this as uou can use drawing pins to secure them to the table

9. Do not be intimidated! Booting really is fun! It’s only a few who try and spoil it for others by being rude. Ignore them, you will meet lots of great people who are just the opposite and like you are bargain hunters and sellers!

Please refrain from shouting or playing any loud music.



  • Set your tables up first and close to your boot
  • One box to be unpacked at a time
  • Keep your money in a secure place
  • Don’t be intimidated!