2021 Track Timetable

15 Minute Mini-Only Track Sessions are available throughout the day from 9am. Book between 9-11am or 4-5pm for just £30!

All track sessions are priced at £40 on the day.

Specialised sessions, such as "Modern" "Modified" and "Pre'2000" Sessions are for Mini's that fit into those categories.

Want to take out the children? Slow parades available in advance for just £15 (£20 on the day) and are kept at a 30mph speed limit. These sessions do not require briefings or helmets and can allow front and back seat passengers including under 16's. The parades are kept behind a pace car at all times!

Saturday 14th August 2021

9:00am - Standard Mini Session13:00pm - Standard Mini Session
9:15am - Standard Mini Session13:15pm - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC
9:30am - Standard Mini Session13:30pm - Slow Parade Session (£15)
9:45am - Standard Mini Session13:45pm - Standard Mini Session
10:00am - Modern Mini Session14:00pm - Mini Cooper 60th Anniversary Parade
10:15am - Standard Mini Session14:15pm - Modified Mini Session
10:30am - Standard Mini Session14:30pm - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC
10:45am - Modified Mini Session14:45pm - Standard Mini Session
11:00am - Slow Parade Session (£15)15:00pm - Top 25 + Mini Sport / West County Mini's Parade
11:15am - Pre '2000 Mini Session15:15pm - Modern Mini Track Session
11:30am - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC15:30pm - Pre '2000 Mini Session
11:45am - Standard Mini Session15:45pm - Vintage Bus Rides
12:00pm - Standard Mini Session16:00pm - Slow Parade Session (£15)
12:15pm - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC16:15pm - Standard Mini Session
12:30pm - Modern Mini Track Session16:30pm - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC
12:45pm - Standard Mini Session16:45pm - NOT ON SALE FOR PUBLIC


Sunday 15th August 2021

10.00am - Slow Parade Session (Classic Minis Only)12.00pm - Slow Parade Session (Classic Minis Only)
10.30am - Slow Parade Session (Modern Minis Only)12.30pm - Slow Parade Session (Modern Minis)
11.00am - Slow Parade Session (Mixed Minis)13.00pm - Slow Parade Session (Mixed Minis)
11.30am - Mini Sport / West County Mini's Parade

13.30pm - Mini Cooper 60th Anniversary Parade 

13.45pm - FREE CLUB CRUISE! (see notes below)

If you're part of a club, you can get discounted track time from the price below! Make sure not to miss out!



You will need to get your car sound checked prior to your track time.

Noise limit: STRICT100db(A), which is measured at ½ metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm with the meter held at a 45 degree angle.

You will also need to attend a drivers briefing. Full details will be in your booking paperwork.

**Please note that track sessions must be purchased alongside a general admission ticket, club or display pass. Without this, you will not be able to gain entry to the event and will be required to purchase tickets on the gate at full price.


Join hundreds of Minis on the track for our FREE CLUB CRUISE! 

Taking place at 1.45pm on the Sunday of the event, This is a procession of SLOW PARADE LAPS driving at a maximum of 30mph.

To join the cruise, you will need to be a club member and book a FREE club cruise slot - click here to book - search for the Sunday Free Club Cruise at 13:45pm.

You will then be sent instructions as to how to join in with the cruise!

CRUISE RULES: NO overtaking, weaving, hanging back or racing lines. Passengers are permitted – helmets not required. Please fasten seatbelts and any children should be in age appropriate car seats/boosters. In the event of a breakdown, pull off onto the grass and await recovery at the end of the cruise.