Saturday September 22nd, 2018

Full event details coming soon at rallyday.com

Enjoy one of the country's most loved rallying events where star drivers and epic cars entertain thousands of fans both in the paddocks and out on track. 

Feature Car Stage and Paddock Displays

Rallyday Stage 

Club Displays 

Plus - Extensive Rallyday Trade Village, On Track Rally Car Passenger Rides, 4x4 Rally Raid Zone and much more! 

Saturday September 22nd, 2018

Admission Ticket

Adult Admission Ticket - Tickets available on the gate
£ 18.00
Sold Out
Camping Pass (Per pitch)
£ 10.00
Sold Out
Rally Passenger Ride: Time slot between 10am - 11am
£ 25.00
Sold Out
Rally Passenger Ride: Time slot between 11am - 12pm
£ 25.00
Sold Out
Rally Passenger Ride: Time slot between 3pm - 4pm
£ 25.00
Sold Out
Rally Passenger Ride: Time slot between 4pm - 5pm
£ 25.00
Sold Out
Ford Escort Display (Admits Driver Only) & Parade Pass
£ 30.00
Sold Out
Booking Terms

Mini Action Day

September 29th, 2018
More Info Special Offer

We have hopefully answered the majority of your questions within the main body of this website. However, if there are any further queries then please do not hesitate to check out the FAQs below or contact us on: Email: info@castlecombecircuit.co.uk Tel: 01249 782417


What is an Action Day?

An incredibly popular fusion of a car show and track day! They give you the opportunity to meet like-minded enthusiasts, admire 1000s of cars on display and drive around the circuit at vastly discounted rates.


Do you need a full driving licence to drive on the circuit & do I need to bring it?

Yes & yes! You may be asked to produce it on request and sign our indemnity stating you have one


What about passengers?

One front seat passenger is allowed to go out on a track session (sorry no one in the back!) They must sign on (it’s £5 for an all-day pass), be over 16, at least 5’ 2” and wearing a helmet with their arms & legs covers


Can I hire a helmet?

Yes, from the Strawford Centre. It’s £5 per hour or £20 all day and we’ll need card details as a deposit. If you’re bringing your own it needs to be BS116658 or ECE22-05 spec.


I’m going out on track, what do I do when I arrive?

If you have pre-bought your passes you need to have your car noise checked & attend a drivers briefing. Allow about an hour to get both these things done before your track session, especially first thing in the morning. If you’re buying passes or need to sign on as a passenger, head to the Strawford Centre in the main Paddock.


I’m not sure about noise limits?

Action Day noise limit is 100dba measured at 0.5 metres from the exhaust at 4500 rpm. This is really strict due to local planning constraints. If you’re worried, go for a noise check first thing before buying your passes (otherwise there may be a charge if you buy a pass then find out you can’t use it!)

Worried about noise? Contact Merlin Motorsport: specialists in parts, spares & racewear based here in the paddock - 01249 782101 - www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk

I’ve done a drivers’ briefing before, do I have to do another?

Yes you do – you won’t get your drivers’ wristband without going! Remember to take your track pass with you as well


I’m with a club, what do I do?

You’ll get your passes etc. from your secretary with all relevant information but in a nutshell;

  • Gates open at 7am for you to set up your display
  • You’ll need to enter the site by the gate shown on your pass
  • Your stand number will also be on your pass and you’ll be directed to this
  • Park up on your stand (please not anywhere else) and enjoy your day!
  • You will be shown where to park your trailer if needs be


Are track sessions like races?

NO! Racing is not permitted in any Action Day sessions. Overtaking is only permitted on the straight and on the right (i.e. on the inside of the track). Driving that it is felt is too fast or dangerous will be reported and risks you being asked to leave the circuit and/or be refused additional track sessions. We operate a ‘yellow card system’ with observers at each corner in radio contact with our Chief Safety Officer. They will report dangerous driving and that driver will be given a ‘yellow card’ when they exit the circuit. 2 yellow cards and we ban the car. Full details will be given in your briefing.


What if I have car troubles?

If you have problems and can’t use any of your track passes we’ll give you a partial refund if they’re brought back to us a minimum of two hours before, any later and there’s nothing we can do I’m afraid.


Do you offer insurance?

Castle Combe Circuit is covered by public liability insurance. This protects all our customers although it does not cover damage to you or your car, however caused, or liability from participant to participant. You use the circuit at your own risk. It is unlikely that your own insurance policy will cover circuit driving. You may be able to arrange insurance for damage to your car from specialist track day insurers.


What if it rains?

If it’s safe the track will remain open. 


Club Secretaries

Please register your club for each event that you will attend.
You may also register your club and purchase passes with our paper form. Please download a club booking form and send it back to us with completed payment.
Club spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis so please ensure you get your booking in early!

Number of cars you expect to bring
Will you require Gazebo Space?
(circa 3m x 3m, subject to availability) **

What is your Preferred Surface?

Once your registration has been verified you'll be forwarded a club code by email which can be distributed to your club members. Club members should use this code when purchasing passes to identify them as members of your club and to receive the club price.

**We cannot guarantee spaces, but will do our best

**If your members are intending to use the track, please ensure this is booked by the Club Booking Deadline so we can try to allocate you an appropriate spaces.

Club Member Bookings

You must select your club from the list and enter your club code to buy club passes and specially priced track sessions.

NOTE: Details of your order will be forwarded to your club secretary.

If you're not part of a club, you can still display your vehicle.

Track Session

PLEASE NOTE: An entry ticket must be purchased in addition to your track session – a track pass on its own does not gain you entry to the event

09:00 - Open Track Session
Available: 9
09:20 - Open Track Session
Available: 10
09:40 - Open Track Session
Available: 10
10:00 - Open Track Session
Available: 5
10:50 - Open Track Session
Available: 1
11:10 - Open Track Session
Available: 5
11:30 - Open Track Session
Available: 7
15:10 - Open Track Session
Available: 0
Session Full
15:30 - Open Track Session
Available: 8
15:50 - Open Track Session
Available: 10
16:20 - Open Track Session
Available: 9
16:40 - Open Track Session
Available: 10
Booking Terms

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