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Silenced Testing

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  • Silenced Testing
  • Silenced Testing

For our silenced testing days, there is no requirement for drivers to be an MSA licence holder or to fulfill full MSA racewear regulations, however helmets must be worn and arms and legs must be fully covered. 

  • 3 Cars on track at any one time
  • Track open 9am - 5pm with 1 hours break for lunch
  • Passengers not permitted except for ARDS registered instructors

Full Day: 9am - 5pm

Half Day AM: 9am - 12:30pm

Half Day PM: 1:30pm - 5pm



If you are a Castle Combe Championship Driver, please ring the office on 01249 782417 to book for your discount to be applied.

Full Day: £210 (£170* for CC Championship Drivers)

Half Day: £125 (£100* for CC Championship Drivers)


Noise Limits:

Silenced Testing - Noise Limit - 105 dbA measured at 0.5 metres from exhaust pipe at 3/4 max revs


Worried about noise? Contact Merlin Motorsport: specialists in parts, spares & racewear based here in the paddock - 01249 782101 - www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk

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What is the difference between a Silenced Testing day and a Pre-Race Testing day?

A Silenced day has a noise limit of 105 dBA, whereas a pre-race testing day has a noise limit of 108 dBA (which is the same as race days). On a silenced testing day, there are fewer cars on the track at any one time (3 cars), whereas on a pre-race testing day there are 6 cars on track at any one time. 

Single seaters are permitted on silenced test days, as long as they comply with the noise regulations.


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